Beefy Burgers #14

Mexican burger, you were yummy, Quickly ended in my tummy. With corn and beans, feast for the eyes, Accompanied by lots of fries! Bite by bite, what a delight, Your spiciness kept me up ’til late at night!   ©PaymansFoodCorner Advertisements

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Sandwich Love II

Toast some bread, Throw in the meat. Since hunger’s big, It can’t be petite! Enjoy with salad, Or some fries, A sandwich feast, For tummy and eyes!   ©PaymansFoodCorner

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Appealing Appetizers #13

When you are really hungry, It always seems much wiser To start your little meal, With a yummy  appetizer. Loaded baked potato tots, Filled with cheese and greasy bacon, Just take a couple bites, And your senses will awaken!   ©PaymansFoodCorner

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Sandwich Love!

A sandwich dear, With cheesesteak filled. I love how you Are nicely grilled. Your bread so soft, But still has crunch. Perfect for dinner, But also lunch! ©PaymansFoodCorner

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The Simple Things…

The simple things, Can be the best. And most on days, When you feel stressed. Some eggs and sausage, And hash browns, too. They lift you up, When you feel blue. Dig in, enjoy, And add some bread. Once you are done, You’ll feel well fed.   ©PaymansFoodCorner

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Chicken Feast!

Chicken, so healthy, Your meat tastes so fine, You are full of protein, Wash you down with some wine. Covered in cheese, Or even mushrooms on top. Once I start eating you, I don’t know how to stop! With fries and some rice, You go well with any side. I love you any style, But […]

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Friday Night Pasta!

Pasta and meat, They go together well. You get easily seduced, By their delicious smell. Cooked ‘al-dente’, With a sauce so full of flavor. It never was so easy, Doing your tummy a big favor!   ©PaymansFoodCorner  

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